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Driving Directions


From the NY Thruway (both east and west)

  1. Take the exit for I-390; head north (skip the exits for I-490, even though they say Rochester).
  2. Eventually the highway forks; you take the left fork, continuing on I-390; I-590 goes right.
  3. Take the next exit, which will say NY 15 and 15A. This exit comes up quickly after the fork. (Do not be fooled by exits/signs that come before the fork; there is for example an earlier exit to Route 15A, which first-time visitors routinely are lured into taking, but that is not the correct one.)
  4. At the top of the exit ramp is NY 15A (East Henrietta Road). The Hampton Inn* is a popular hotel for campus visitors; you can see it off to your left about a block and a half, at the corner of East Henrietta and Crittenden Roads. (Note that on the map there is both a Crittenden Road and a Crittenden Boulevard; they are distinct!)
  5. To reach the UR from the highway, take the exit ramp across 15A. It curves back across I-390 to reach 15 (West Henrietta Road). Continue straight across this, too. Now you’ll be on East River Rd.
  6. At the second stoplight on East River Rd. (about half a mile) turn right on Kendrick Rd. Now you’re on campus.

*To reach the UR from the Hampton, take Crittenden Rd. to West Henrietta Road, turn right, and then turn left on East River Rd.

From the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC)

The CS department is about 10 minutes from the airport.

  1. Follow signs onto I-390 South.
  2. Cross the river and get off at the exit for NY 15 and East River Road.
  3. At the light at the end of the ramp (which feeds into East River Road), turn right.
  4. At the next stoplight (just one block), turn right on Kendrick Rd. Now you’re on campus.

Once On Campus

  1. Kendrick goes north across I-390 again, passes some dormitories, and ends at Lattimore.
  2. Veer left onto Lattimore and follow it two blocks till it ends at Elmwood.
  3. Turn left and under a bridge with “University of Rochester” printed on it. Take your next right (at the light) onto Wilson Blvd. Beyond the first intersection on Wilson there’s a visitor information booth planted in the middle of the street. Stop there for parking directions.

The Computer Science Department occupies the top two floors of the Computer Studies Building, located near the corner of Trustee Rd. and Intercampus Dr. It’s a brick and glass building with a big square section and a lower curving section.

Unfortunately, the only external sign is some fairly subtle lettering over the door. The department receptionist is Robin Clark, room 734, directly across from the elevators.

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